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Nowhere to Run

Christians in Afghanistan are in extreme danger as the Taliban target them.

A Death Sentence

There are more than 10,000 Christians in Afghanistan. Almost all are converts from Islam.

According to the Taliban, Christians are apostates and are under a death sentence.

ICC is working behind the scenes to help them.

An Insider’s View: The Taliban Takes Over

Here’s What We Know:

With all civilian flights out of Afghanistan canceled indefinitely and the borders controlled by the Taliban, Christians are in extreme danger.

  • The Taliban are going door to door to identify Christians.
  • Christians are getting phone calls from the Taliban saying, “We’re coming for you.”
  • Many Christians are in hiding.
  • Several judges and government officials have been murdered.

Stay tuned for updates.

Prayer Points:

Afghan Christians have a long, dangerous, and even deadly road ahead of them. As one body of believers, we must join in prayer for our vulnerable and suffering family.

Please Pray for: 

  • Safety—especially for the known Christians that have been open about their faith.
  • The underground church workers.
  • Those who will face the ultimate threat: turn back to Islam or die.
  • Wisdom for those of us serving the believers and how best to help.
  • Those who we have been in touch with inside the country.

You Can Help Now!

Contact your US Representative to call attention to Afghan Christians

We encourage everyone to call their representative in Congress to support the rescue of persecuted Christians in Afghanistan. As a resource, we have provided this script to guide your message. Please share to encourage others to take action.

We desperately need your help to serve our struggling brothers and sisters in Afghanistan. Will you come alongside us in this crucial mission?

Rescue an Afghan Christian

How you can help:
  • Prayer | Follow our social media accounts to know how you can pray for our brothers and sisters.
  • Contact your officials | Call your representatives in Congress to label Afghan Christians as an at-risk group to be granted refugee status. Find a script to guide your message here.
  • Give | Give to our Afghanistan Fund below.

Their cries are urgent. Please Help Now!

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