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life after the taliban takeover

Some Christians fled to neighboring countries, others found asylum in the west, and some stayed in the country. Every one faced grave danger with a new target on their backs. Now, nearly two years later, some make the brave journey back into the country to continue their Gospel work. 

There are more than 10,000 Christians in Afghanistan. Almost all are converts from Islam.

According to the Taliban, Christians are apostates and are under a death sentence.

For nearly two years since the Taliban takeover, ICC has worked with Afghan Christians to provide refuge and necessities. 

An Insider’s View: The Taliban Takes Over

Here’s How We’ve Helped So Far… 

Though the news of the Taliban takeover in Afghanistan is long removed from the breaking news headlines, we’ve still continued our work and keep in contact with the dozens of Christians we’ve helped who either have escaped or are still in the country. 

We also released a humanitarian brief on Afghanistan providing further detail into the work and research we’ve done. 

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