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MBB Outreach

Christian converts from Islam can lose everything – including their lives!

They need immediate rescue. That’s where we come in.

If Muslim Background Believers (MBBs) declare their allegiance to Jesus publicly, they face immediate violence and threats. The Muslim converts to Christianity stand to lose their families, communities, and very lives.

Slammed with MBB cases 

ICC cares for more than 100 MBBs in the Middle East (location withheld). Each new believer needs at least six months of base-level care that includes several of the following:

  • A safe place to live
  • Medical care
  • Food
  • Job training
  • A small business to provide financial support in their new life

Please Help

We have relocated and shepherded many MBBs in the Middle East and beyond, but many others desperately wait in hiding for their turn to embrace Jesus.

The need: $500,000 to care for the 100 we have already rescued and to hide those waiting their turn.

Thank you for partnering with us in rescuing these precious ones, willing to risk everything for Jesus.

All gifts will be used ethically, efficiently, and effectively!

Choose a Gift
  • $5: Child’s toy
  • $30: 3-day food supply
  • $50: one night in a safe house
  • $100: medical treatment
  • $250: Kid’s expenses (education, milk, diapers)
  • $500: One-month safe house rent
  • $800: New IDs for a family
  • $5,000: Delivery vehicle for livelihood
  • $_____ Other

Meet several of them:



Erum and her family put their faith in Christ after God miraculously saved her son from physical death. They were kicked out of their village and desperate. ICC relocated them to a safe place and supported them with a small business.



Subhi converted to Christianity after witnessing ISIS beheadings. When we found him and his sons, they were starving and too afraid to leave their home. We helped them flee to a safe area where Subhi now openly practices his faith.



Mohammed was severely beaten by radicals when he was found distributing Bibles. We relocated him and provided a taxi so he could make a living and support his family.



Amar is a severely disabled MBB who needed transportation to escape his oppressive family. We bought him a wheelchair so he could gain independence.



Johar shared his newfound faith with his family. Their response? They slashed him with a knife and shot him in the head with a nail gun. We paid for his medical care.

It costs MBBs everything to follow Jesus. Help them secure a new life in Christ.

What threats and challenges do MBBs face? Read more:

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