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2022 Persecutors of the Year Awards

For many years, we published a report called the Hall of Shame, calling out the world’s worst persecutors. This year, we have revamped this mission, issuing “Persecutor of the Year” awards to the most notorious countries, individuals, and entities around the world.

This groundbreaking report will be a crucial tool for the media and government officials as they work to support and raise awareness on behalf of those who are harassed for their faith. We also pray that it will help you and your church stay informed about your suffering brothers and sisters.

Wednesday, June 29 we will be sharing it with the public and shining a spotlight on the worst of the worst persecutors around the world. To RSVP, click the button below.

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2022 Persecutor of the Year Awards will be available for download on June 29th.

COMING SOON: This Year’s Dis-Honorees

Individual Award
Entity Award
Country Award

Last Year’s Dis-Honorees

Kim Jong-un

Individual Award

The successive Kim dynasties have tortured and killed millions of individuals viewed as political threats in North Korea. While most people are familiar with the Kim methodology dealing with political threats, it is less well known that the Kims have targeted Christians with a special vehemence. For that reason, Kim Jong-un is our 2021 awardee for Top Individual Persecutor.

The Taliban

Entity Award

With the withdrawal of U.S. forces in August 2021, the Taliban quickly regained control of Afghanistan. The group immediately began to search for the roughly 10,000 Afghan Christians in hiding. Almost all of these Christians are converts from Islam and are therefore apostates under a death sentence. Given the disregard for any religion other than their own, the Taliban receive our 2021 award for Top Entity Persecutor.


Country Award

Nigeria is one of the deadliest places on earth for Christians, as 50,000 to 70,000 have been killed since 2000. Nigeria is home to the infamous Islamic terrorist group Boko Haram, Fulani militants, and conservative Islamic communities. With these groups operating in the country and the government’s complacency, Nigeria is our 2021 awardee for Top Country Persecutor.

A Report to Shine Light in Darkness

Our team of Washington, D.C.-based analysts spend thousands of hours annually reporting on and analyzing reports from our overseas staff and sources. Throughout the year, they also develop in-depth reports on countries with the worst religious freedom records.  

This year, we have compiled a comprehensive publication of the world’s worst persecutors. This effort is to bring to light what our persecuted brothers and sisters experience in the dark, and to shed light on the suffering they endure to live out the faith they have chosen.  

No matter your position or playing field, we hope you use this report and information to support the cause of religious freedom.  

Join us in our cause to bring awareness to the plight of persecuted Christians. More importantly, join us in our fight to advance religious freedom for followers of all faiths.