Understanding Persecution

ICC Targeted Funds

Where Most Needed

Make an impact in urgent or strategic projects as you support persecuted Christians. Give to Where Most Needed today!

Save Our Sisters

Provide Christian women with rescue, safe houses, and vocational training. Give to Save Our Sisters today!

Suffering Wives & Children

Support families that lose means of income due to persecution. Give to Suffering Wives & Children today!

Community Rebuild

Support communities affected by mass attacks by providing aid and rebuilding. Give to Community Rebuild today!

Kids Care

Support Christian children who experience trauma and lack resources due to persecution. Give to Kids Care today!

Bibles for the Persecuted

Give God’s Word to persecuted communities and support evangelism in “closed countries.” Give to Bibles for the Persecuted today!

Underground Pastors

Give persecuted pastors and evangelists financial stability as they share the Gospel. Give to Underground Pastors today!

Broadcast the Gospel

Use new technology to spread the Gospel in “closed countries.” Give to Broadcast the Gospel today!

Hands of Hope

Give to help persecuted believers in a specific region or country that has been put on your heart. Give to Hands of Hope today!