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Bibles & Bikes for India

1,000 Bikes + 100,000 Bibles = 6,000 New Churches

Learn more about ICC’s Bibles & Bikes Initiative to help plant 6,000 new churches by equipping 1,000 church planters throughout rural India with a new bike and 100 New Testaments! Most of these church planters walk from village to village, and ICC has found that if we give these men a bicycle and Bibles to distribute, their effectiveness is doubled, or even tripled!

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Communal Farms in Nigeria

ICC is launching 10 Communal Farming Projects in Nigeria’s troubled Middle Belt region

Christian farming villages are repeatedly attacked in Nigeria’s Middle Belt region. Tens of thousands have died over the last 20 years. Nigeria is actually the bulls-eye of Christian persecution in the world, but few are aware of it. Hundreds of thousands of Christians have lost everything and are living as refugees.

The victims are farmers, so ICC is setting up farms for them! Simple, right? The victims don’t want a handout. They know how to farm; they just want to be able to make a living and feed their families in the way they know how—farming.

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Targeted Funds

We believe in targeted funds. This allows you to choose where to invest your money and to target specific types and areas of persecution. Our specialized funds empower you to give to what God has laid on your heart.

The Bridge Conference

Our annual Bridge Conference gathers the victims of persecution, church leaders, government leaders, policy experts, and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) to break the chains of persecution. Regardless of denomination or distinction, we seek to build a bridge of understanding and aid between the persecuted and free Church.