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Earthquake RElief in Turkey and SYria

For years, Christians in this region have experienced persecution at the hands of the Turkish government and even ISIS, and now this devastating earthquake has further exacerbated the difficult conditions of their lives. Your generous donation will enable our partners to provide necessary relief and assistance. 

Rising from the Rubble

Join us as we help Christians rebuild their lives after devastating earthquakes in Turkey and Syria

Tragedy in Turkey and Syria 

Christians in northern Turkey and Syria face unprecedented misery after a 7.8 magnitude earthquake and aftershocks decimated communities, destroyed multi-level buildings, and killed more than  45,000 (with that number climbing by the hour).  

For many years, International Christian Concern (ICC) has worked with suffering Christians throughout Syria and Turkey. That’s why we’re springing to action to rescue who we can and work to rebuild churches before its too late.  

Our in-country team is looking for reputable partners that can distribute tents, clothing, food, and other necessities on the front lines. We cannot see our Christian brothers and sisters living on the streets in frigid winter temperatures. 

Peril on Top of Persecution 

Christians in Turkey are treated as second-class citizens under a radical Islamist leader, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, who has done everything in his power to strangle the Church. 


Please Give Today

We are surveying and looking for partners who are ethical and effective in funneling aid to where it needs to go. Aid will first go directly for survival necessities, and second to help rebuild churches – before the government steps in and says, “you can’t rebuild.”  

While we can’t save and serve everyone, we must show up for our suffering brothers and sisters in Turkey and Syria. They need to see that we are standing with them. 

Here’s what will happen if we don’t help: 

The body of believers will disperse and vanish.

Many Christians living in this region have relatives who have immigrated to the United States and other countries. Knowing how difficult the situation already was, and now with this devastating earthquake, the remaining Christians will move, and the church will be decimated.  

Churches that have been destroyed will not be rebuilt.

In a fundamentalist Muslim country, one cannot construct churches. We need to reconstruct these churches as quickly as we can before the government intervenes. 

Update on Earthquake in Turkey and Syria

By now, I’m sure you’ve heard about the devastating earthquake in Turkey and Syria. Thousands have been killed and many more remain homeless.

We have been working in this region for many years and will continue to serve Christian communities that have lost everything in this natural disaster. As we scramble to serve those in need, we ask that you please lend your support.

Please pray for all those affected by this tragic event. Then, I ask that you prayerfully consider giving. Through your generosity, we hope to bring relief to believers in the Middle East who are facing unimaginable loss.

Let us come together to lend our support.

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