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Gifts for the Persecuted

This Christmas season, remember your persecuted brothers and sisters
around the world by giving gifts to the persecuted.

You Rescue, restore, and bring life to families

ICC comes alongside Christians in their time of greatest need. This Christmas season, remember your persecuted brothers and sisters
around the world by giving gifts to the persecuted.

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Where Most Needed

We’re There in the Aftermath

Building a Robust Emergency Response for When Crisis Strikes

The world writhed in pain as a devastating earthquake and tremors of historic proportions struck Turkey and Syria, killing 50,000 people. The already persecuted community was dealt another hardship. 

And in late August, we received calls from our staff on the ground in Pakistan, telling of a massive riot that destroyed an entire Christian community in an instant.  

Disasters and attacks against the persecuted church can strike when we least expect them. That’s why it’s crucial to have a hefty emergency fund at the ready. The Where Most Needed Fund is the glue for ICC–it helps us keep the lights on, cover expenses, and support all areas of ministry so we are always ready to serve as your helping hands and feet. 


  • $50 – Emergency food package for a victim of persecution for one month.
  • $250 – Necessary funds to rebuild or restore a home after an attack. 
  • $1,200 – One month of full support for one family escaping persecution. 

Restore: Lives and Communities

Giving Orphans Hope 

Rebuilding Lives in the Aftermath of Terror in the DRC

We’ve shared with you about the brutality of the ADF terrorists that tear apart Christian families in the DRC. Hundreds of children of all ages are traumatized as they watch their parents die and are then physically and sexually assaulted. With your gifts, we supply these beautiful children with necessities, bedding, food, and so much more. 


  • $15 – Clothing for one child for a year.
  • $180 – Nourishment for one child for one year. 
  • $15,000 – One water well for a community. 

Sowing Seeds of Resilience

Supplying Farmers with Long-Term Sustenance

ISIS destroyed Behnam’s home and farm in the Middle East. ICC supplied him with chickens, fodder, and essential farming equipment to help rebuild his life. “You saved me,” Behnam expressed. “I was on the verge of giving up on farming when you crossed my path.”

Your aid helps Christian families for the short- and, more importantly, the long-term. ICC helps supply farmers from all walks of life with fish, poultry, and crop farms in Africa and the Middle East. 


  • $50 – 100 chickens for a poultry farm. 
  • $175 – Funds to help launch a poultry, fish, or crop farm.
  • $1,250 – Support for a farmer to clear land in Africa or the Middle East.

Combating Modern-Day Slavery in Pakistan’s Brick Kilns

Creating Lasting Change for Christian Families Stuck in Cycles of Poverty

Millions of Pakistanis, including young children, serve as indentured servants in Pakistan’s estimated 20,000 brick kilns. They suffer from back-breaking work to pay off their debts over decades. Christians already face persecution on so many fronts. Brick kilns are a vicious cycle of abuse, slavery, and persecution. 

An ICC staffer recently visited the brick kilns and met with families caught in the struggle. ICC is determined to be a part of the multi-faceted solution over the course of the next few years. 


  • $25 – A care package, including vitamins and medical supplies.
  • $2,000 – One medical tent serving 30-40 families for the year.
  • $12,000 – A mobile vocational van to travel to brick kiln communities.

Empowering Young Minds

Giving Families Education Opportunities to Break the Cycle of Generational Persecution and Poverty

Because of your help, we opened one of our primary schools called Hope House in India this year. Our staff handed out certificates to 40 proud youngsters as their parents beamed. 

Education is the key part of the long-term solution to persecution, and we’ve had success with our four Hope House schools in the Middle East, and now India. In addition, more than 200 teen and college-aged students are in our Generation Transformation (GT) program, which supplies valuable job skills and a college education. 


  • $150 – One week of transportation costs to and from Hope House. 
  • $1,200 – One student’s annual tuition, books, and uniform for GT. 
  • $10,000 – Open one Hope House. 

Rescue: Wives and Kids

Losing Everything to Find Jesus

ICC is There for Christian Converts Who Risk Everything to Follow Jesus

If Muslims convert to Christianity and declare their allegiance to Jesus publicly in some regions, they may face immediate violence and threats. These new Christian believers stand to lose their families, communities, and very lives. 

Amina embraced Jesus and was exiled from her family. Her husband deserted her and her children. Her suffering was relentless, marked by her son’s tragic death a few years ago. After relocating to a safe town, a sister is mentoring Amina, and she is learning to sew. Her daughter serves on the church’ s media team. Their life will never be the same, but they will now forever be marked by the love of Christ and his loving body of believers. 


  • $50 – One night in a safe house. 
  • $250 – Children’s expenses (education, food, and diapers). 
  • $5,000 – A livelihood project for a new Christian convert in a safe location.

Rescuing a Widow and Her Young Son

ICC Empowers Widows for a Brighter Tomorrow

Egyptian Christians, especially those struggling with poverty, frequently experience pressure to convert to Islam from Muslim-majority neighbors. Christian widows are even more vulnerable to the external pressure to abandon their Christian faith and access the socioeconomic support that comes with converting to Islam. 

Nora’s husband was kidnapped by radical Muslims and killed because of his faith, leaving his wife and son without anyone to support them. ICC helped Nora start a grocery shop to help generate income for her family. ICC helps women like Nora to come alongside and support families and persevere against pressures to convert. 


  • $50 – A month supply of food for a persecution victim.
  • $200 – Medical care to a survivor after a persecution incident. 
  • $2,000 – A business for a martyr’s wife and children to permanently sustain them.

Feeding Imprisoned Pastors Families

Sharing the Meal with Families Across India

When pastors are arrested or lose their jobs, their families suffer. Pastors are often beaten by mobs and then arrested for “illegally” sharing their faith. Radical Hindu nationalists use anti-conversion laws to falsely accuse pastors and stir up trouble.  

With your help, we distribute emergency food packages through our “Share the Meal” program. 


    Messengers: Underground Workers

    Pedaling Faith Across India

    Empowering Church Planters to Reach Remote Communities

    One of our flagship programs is our Bikes & Bibles initiative in India. We have trained and equipped more than 1,000 church planters each with a bicycle and 100 New Testaments to take into hard-to-reach communities in a country that’s hostile toward Christianity. These courageous and passionate evangelists reach difficult areas where they are often harassed and threatened by Hindu radicals.

    Two of our U.S.-based staff recently visited a rural community and gave 20 bikes and 2,000 Bibles to 20 pastors–their joy was infectious! 


    • $100 – A new bicycle for a church planter.
    • $500 – 100 Bibles. 
    • $1,200 – Support for a church planter for six months. 

    Gospel: Bibles and Broadcasts

    Faith in the Forest

    Moses’ Mission to Spread the Gospel

    Moses is an evangelist among a hunting and gathering tribe in Tanzania. After converting to Christianity in 2018 and leaving behind his family due to their rejection of his new faith, Moses settled near the people’s forest and began sharing the gospel. 

    He established a church for the community and provided food to help church members struggling with starvation. ICC helped the pastor with Bibles and food to ensure an ample supply for the church community, with the hope of drawing more people to attend and hear the word of God. 


    • $25 – Necessary supplies for pastors and churches.
    • $100 – Monthly support for an underground pastor in an Islamic fundamentalist area. 
    • $1,500 – One month of gospel radio production and broadcast into North Korea.

    About ICC’s Targeted Funds

    Where Most Needed Fund

    Support all areas of our ministry so we are always ready to serve as your helping hands and feet. 

    Restore Fund

    Address the larger needs that impact entire communities after the Church suffers.

    Rescue Fund

    Rescue the families of believers who are killed, imprisoned, or exiled due to persecution.

    Messengers Fund

    Support indigenous church planters and pastors in the world’s most dangerous places.

    Gospel Fund

    Help spread the gospel on the front lines in areas that are hostile toward Christianity. 

    Merry Christmas from ICC! 

    “He and all his family were devout and God-fearing; he gave generously to those in need and prayed to God regularly.”

    -ACTS 10:2 (NIV) 

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