Understanding Persecution

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Church Forced Underground by New Crackdown in Central India

September 27, 2021:

Madhu Damor* is a Christian who lives in the Jhabua District of India’s Madhya Pradesh state.


ICC Supports New Christian Converts in Uganda

September 27, 2021:

In February 2020, a widow named Lydia and her two daughters accepted Christ after hearing the Gospel from a local pastor. When Lydia and her daughters converted to Christianity…


ICC Provides Farming Support in Indonesia

September 23, 2021:

Jakub is an evangelist in Indonesia who actively ministers to unreached farmers in his region. In order to support Jakub’s ministry and these new believers…


ICC Builds Up a Bakery in Iraq

September 20, 2021:

Evan and Lara live with their three children in Iraq. Like many families, they dreamed of one day building a large house to live in together.


A Persecuted Indonesian Church Receives Sound System from ICC

September 15, 2021:

Following protests and threats from radical Muslim groups in Indonesia’s special region of Yogyakarta, a Pentecostal church, Immanuel Sedayu Bantul, had its issued building permit (IMB) revoked by the government in July 2019.


ICC Rescues a Christian Driver in Pakistan

September 13, 2021:

In 2020, a Christian auto-rickshaw driver named Nasir was beaten and falsely accused of terrorism after he was told he could not pick up passengers from a local medical clinic.


ICC Provides Emergency Aid for a Martyr’s Family in Kenya

September 06, 2021:

Peter was a Christian farmer in Kenya. As the sole breadwinner for his family of 10, his farmland was crucial to providing for his large family.


ICC Helps a Malaysian Couple Thrown Out for their Faith

September 05, 2021:

Islam is the official religion of the multiracial Malaysia, although people are generally allowed to practice other religions. For ethnic Malays, however, they are banned from leaving Islam and face consequences when they do.


ICC Restores a Ransacked Home in Pakistan

August 30, 2021:

Last year, amidst a property dispute between a Christian family and their Muslim neighbors, John learned that his home was being demolished while he was out of town.


ICC Provides Farming Support for Attack Survivors in Indonesia

August 23, 2021:

Last November, a terrorist attack shook a Christian community in Indonesia, killing four people and reducing several homes to ashes.