Understanding Persecution

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Levant Christians Sustained by Faith

June 22, 2021:

“The worst part of kidnapping is that you don’t know if they are alive or dead, you live every day waiting to hear any news about them.”


ICC Provides Livestock for Persecuted Christian in Egypt

June 21, 2021:

In Egypt, a young Christian man named Akl was accused of harassing a Muslim girl, which resulted in village tensions that impacted his whole family.


ICC Restores Chicken Farms in Iraq

June 14, 2021:

The Pope visited Iraq for the first time in papal history in March 2021. During his visit, he traveled to Christian regions decimated by ISIS, including the Nineveh Plains, Qeraqosh, and Mosul.


Kenya’s Resilient Church: Surviving the Flames of Hatred

June 09, 2021:

In January 2021, five churches were burned down, and three Christian homes set ablaze during a shocking act of terrorism in western Kenya.


ICC Provides COVID-19 Relief in Nepal

June 07, 2021:

Due to COVID-19, Nepal has faced strict lockdowns. It is estimated that more than 10,000 innocent people have died with more than half a million people affected by the virus.


Fund Spotlight: Ministering to the Messengers

June 03, 2021:

In many persecuted nations, pastors and ministry leaders risk their well-being and comfort to bring the Gospel to the unreached.


Shop Provides Gospel Opportunities in Unreached Communities

May 31, 2021:

ICC supports field workers who spread the Gospel in some of the most dangerous parts of the world for Christians.


ICC Assists Indonesian Community Stunned by Terrorist Attack

May 24, 2021:

In mid-March, ICC visited Lembantongoa Village in the Sigi Regency in Central Sulawesi, Indonesia for the second time. This village is the closest village to Lewonu hamlet, a site of a brutal attack by MIT terrorists against the Christian community last November.


Answered Prayers in India

May 24, 2021:

In February 2019, Podiya Madakami, a woman from India’s Odisha state, became a Christian and developed a fierce tenacity for Jesus.


Once a Muslim Psychic, Now a Child of God

May 19, 2021:

This is the story of Wayan, a father of five children, a Muslim from birth, and his journey to know the Savior.