Understanding Persecution

Other Projects

ICC Provides Cows to Three Imprisoned Men’s Families in Vietnam

November 09, 2021:

Early 2020, the local authorities in a coastal province in Vietnam arrested three Christian brothers when they were working on their farm. They were later accused of destroying “the reserved forest” and brought to their provincial court.


Persecuted Churches in Aceh Receive Bibles from ICC

October 29, 2021:

Aceh, the special autonomous region in Indonesia, is the only province officially practicing Sharia law, a set of Islamic rules which govern the daily lives of Muslim people.


ICC Helps Pastors in India Prepare for Persecution

October 25, 2021:

Since the rise of the BJP in India, Christians across the nation have experienced a surge in violence and harassment.


Saving Faith: The Gospel Amid the Afghanistan Crisis

October 18, 2021:

The world watched in horror as Afghanistan succumbed to Taliban control this past August.


ICC Brings Clean Water to Iraq

October 18, 2021:

In 2014, ISIS invaded Iraq’s Nineveh Plains, displacing most local Christians from their homes. Over time, as ISIS militants realized their defeat was inevitable…


ICC Provides Emergency Aid for Attack Survivors in Nigeria

October 16, 2021:

In 2019, Adamu’s family was devastated by a Fulani militant attack in central Nigeria. In an instant, he lost seven immediate family members and their home was burned down.


ICC Feeds 100 IDPs in Christian-majority Chin State

October 12, 2021:

The power-thirsty Burmese Army (Tatmadaw) staged a coup to topple the civilian government led by Aung Sang Suu Kyi in February. Myanmar has since descended into chaos and faces endless fighting throughout the country.


ICC Provides COVID-19 Aid for Church Leaders in Nepal

October 11, 2021:

The impact of COVID-19 was felt around the world, but particularly so in persecuted communities that were already struggling pre-pandemic.


God Shows Mercy to a Jailed Pastor’s Sick Daughter Through ICC

October 09, 2021:

In 2018, Pastor Minh*, an ethnic H’re pastor who led a house church in central Vietnam, was arrested and prosecuted by the provincial police.


ICC Rescues a Martyr’s Family in Kenya

October 04, 2021:

Joshua was a Christian farmer, husband, and father of five who lived in eastern Kenya. For several years, Somali Muslim herders have harassed Christian farmers in Kenya by…