Understanding Persecution

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Burned but Not Broken: ICC Provides Hope for a Church in India

February 21, 2020:

On June 26, 2019, Pastor Joshua and his church were in a state of crisis. On that day, their church building was set ablaze by unknown assailants.


Project Update: Iraqi Christians Win Land Rights

February 20, 2020:

It’s not the Iraq outsiders know. The rural, vibrant green landscape of the north is filled with high mountains echoing whispers of ancient history.


Project Update: Hope for Persecuted Women in Egypt

February 19, 2020:

“We were very stupid.” It is a statement of grief, uttered by many Christian women living in Upper Egypt. They are marginalized because they are Christian, then marginalized again because they are women.


ICC Provides Education Assistance in Pakistan

February 10, 2020:

On September 22, 2013, suicide bomb­ers rocked Pakistan’s Christian com­munity when they attacked All Saints Church in Peshawar.


Project Update: Tricycle Delivers a Bright Future

February 07, 2020:

It wasn’t supposed to be this way. Mageed was a chicken trader, a Christian man who strolled the dusty streets in Upper Egypt, selling hens to provide an income for his family of seven.


Hope for Hana

February 06, 2020:

Imagine waking up to find that there is no food left in your house. No running water or clean clothes. No medicine and no opportunities for a future.


ICC Provides Trauma Counseling in Nigeria

February 03, 2020:

Often, we encounter cases of persecution in which the wounds cut far deeper than surface level. In these circumstances, we strive to not only restore the survivor’s physical health…


Sanctioned: Iranian Judge Mohammed Moghiseh

January 31, 2020:

Last February, International Christian Concern requested that the United States Treasury Department sanction Iranian Judge Mohammed Moghiseh, a known human rights abuser…


An Egyptian Church Born Again

January 22, 2020:

In communities where poverty reigns, the Gospel is so often communicated through the visual. The color green evokes the message of the Holy Spirit bringing hope.


ICC Provides Educational Assistance in Nigeria

January 13, 2020:

In September 2018, a Christian family of 12 was gathered for dinner in central Nigeria. Suddenly, gunmen stormed into the home and opened fire on the family.