Understanding Persecution

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Is There Hope for Christians in Pakistan?

March 04, 2021:

By Linda Burkle, PhD In its most recent review of religious persecution, Open Doors World Watch List ranked Pakistan as […]


Updated Report: The Voiceless Victims of Pakistan’s Blasphemy Laws

February 19, 2021:

According to the United States Commission on International Religious Freedom’s (USCIRF) 2018 Fact­sheet on Blasphemy, roughly one-third of the world’s nations maintain a law…


The Ongoing Plight for the People of the Democratic Republic of the Congo

February 05, 2021:

By Guest Contributor Scott Morgan The instability in one of Africa’s most restive regions continues unabated. While most governments have […]


Religion, Tradition, and Persecution: The Plight of Christians in Mexico

February 03, 2021:

By Linda Burkle, PhD Mexico is a large diverse country which has been adversely impacted by generations of crime cartels, […]


Tempting Faiths: When Religion Comes to Power

February 01, 2021:

By Colton Grellier, JD The separation of church and state was an interesting addition to a system of government created […]


Report: The Anatomy of Genocide – Karabakh’s Forty-Four Day War

January 21, 2021:

War erupted in the South Caucasus on 27 September 2020 when Azerbaijan and Turkey launched a joint military operation named Operation Iron Fist into the…


Religious Freedom Threatened for Christians in Indonesia

January 06, 2021:

By Linda Burkle, PhD In 2002, I had the opportunity to travel to the Netherlands to attend and speak at […]


The First IRF Priority for the Biden Administration

December 16, 2020:

Benjamin Harbaugh – Last month, I wrote an article detailing my thoughts on what the incoming Biden Administration might mean […]


Examining the Persecution of Uighur Muslims in China, Part 3

December 15, 2020:

By John Cosenza IV: Chinese Tyranny Unleashed: The Consequences of Uighur Islamic Extremism According to current census data approximately ten […]


Fellows Brief: Religious Freedom Under President-elect Biden

December 08, 2020:

On November 13, 2020, ICC convened a group of Washington, D.C.-based experts to discuss how best to advance international religious freedom in the upcoming Biden administration.