Understanding Persecution

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Updated Report: The Voiceless Victims of Pakistan’s Blasphemy Laws

October 06, 2021:

According to the United States Commission on International Religious Freedom’s (USCIRF) 2018 Fact­sheet on Blasphemy, roughly one-third of the world’s nations maintain a law…


Afghanistan Under Taliban Rule

September 30, 2021:

By Linda Burkle. PhD I recently had lunch with Hanif, an Afghan scholar and green card holder who was caught […]


Secular Sharia?

September 16, 2021:

The notion that Nigeria is a well-intentioned but under-resourced country struggling to contain sectarian violence is woefully incomplete. The Nigerian government may be under-resourced, but…


Persecution Incident Report: China

September 15, 2021:

Summarizing ICC reporting on incidents of persecution in China in the year from Q3 2020 though Q2 2021, this report provides both the big-picture and the granular perspectives…


Turkey’s Overflowing Influence: Religious Freedom Impact

September 01, 2021:

The 2016 coup attempt in Turkey ushered the nation into a new chapter, one which includes a significant emphasis on foreign policy and military expansionism. Countries previously part…


Is Religious Freedom a Matter a National Security?

August 31, 2021:

By Arielle Del Turco As thousands of desperate Afghans hope to make their way onto airplanes headed anywhere outside the […]


Afghanistan in Crisis

August 25, 2021:

By Linda Burkle, PhD Prior to his departure from office, President Trump announced the withdrawal of most U.S. troops by […]


Factsheet: Christian Persecution in Pakistan Q2 2021

August 05, 2021:

Over the months of April, May, and June of 2021, International Christian Concern (ICC) documented 27 incidents of persecution against the Christian community of Pakistan…


Genocide in Nigeria

July 19, 2021:

By Linda Burkle, PhD “Nigeria is the most dangerous place in the world to be a Christian,” stated international human rights lawyer […]


India’s Anti-Conversion Laws and Their Effects on the Christian Community

July 12, 2021:

Religious freedom is a fundamental right guaranteed to all Indian citizens by the country’s constitution and laws. However, the religious freedom rights of India’s religious minorities, including Christians, have been in severe decline…