Understanding Persecution

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Dancing with the Dragon

September 17, 2019:

By Linda Burkle, PhD Recently, there has been daily attention in the media regarding the US-China trade wars—the colloquial term […]


The .5%

September 11, 2019:

By John Fredricks Kashmir – Part I (All names used in this article have been changed for safety purposes) With […]


Chinthe and Crescent: Ongoing Religious Struggles in Western Myanmar

September 11, 2019:

By James Knight Publicly understood better as a borderland state between the Asian giants of China and India and the […]


Blasphemy Laws Coming Under Increased Scrutiny

September 06, 2019:

By guest contributor Peyton Millea According to the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom’s 2018 report, seventy countries around the […]


Blockchain Technology: An Economic System for International Development & Sustainability

August 29, 2019:

By John Cosenza & John T. Pinna Introduction From July 16-18 2019, the second annual Ministerial to Advance Religious Freedom […]


New State Department Report Shows Persecution of Christians in Egypt Getting Worse

August 21, 2019:

By Peter Burns and Avalon McKinney The State Department recently released its major, annual International Religious Freedom report documenting the […]


The Ottoman Cross: Update on Religious Freedom in Turkey

July 23, 2019:

By Colton Grellier and Alyssa Heisey Turkey, for over a millennium, has been the bridge between the European West and […]


The Alienable Right: The Reliance of Human Rights on Natural Law

July 09, 2019:

By Colton Grellier   Modern legal thought in most western countries is incompatible with the idea of universal human rights. […]


Iran-Backed Militias and Political Division Making it Hard for Religious Minorities to Return Home in Iraq

July 05, 2019:

By Peter Burns Diverse expressions of Christianity have flourished in Northern Iraq for almost two millennia. The Christian population represents […]


The Kalasha – Voiceless Nation Teeters on the Brink of Extinction | Part 2 of 2

July 03, 2019:

Religious persecution through systemic discrimination and economic persecution of one of the most vulnerable populations in Pakistan By John Cosenza […]