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A Nation Championing Persecuted Christians | Part 1

July 30, 2021:

I recently had the privilege of sitting down to speak with Tristan Azbej, the State Secretary for the Aid of Persecuted Christians and the Hungary Helps Program.


Turkey’s Ulterior Motives In Syrian Church Restoration

August 01, 2021:

08/01/2021 Syria (International Christian Concern) –  Turkey’s work to restore churches in Syria has been met with distrust and accusations of […]


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Despite Genocide, Armenian Couple Finds New Life

July 21, 2021:

“I am one of the thousands of people who have suffered from the war in Syria. Even if I am now out of the fire, I still suffer. My grandfather and my grandmother were survivors of the Armenian Genocide.”


Islamic State Religious Police Active Again in Syria

July 07, 2021:

07/07/2021 Syria (International Christian Concern) –  Hesba, the Islamic State’s religious police, increased its presence and activity in northeast Syria. The […]


Iranian-Backed Militia Groups Targeted by US Airstrikes

June 28, 2021:

06/28/2021 Iraq (International Christian Concern) – At the orders of President Joe Biden, the United States military has conducted airstrikes against […]


Iraqis Repatriated from Syria’s Al-Hol Camp

June 15, 2021:

06/15/2021 Iraq (International Christian Concern) –  Ninety-four Iraqi families were recently repatriated to Iraq from Syria’s al-Hol camp. Al-Hol camp is […]


Turkey’s International Military Involvement

June 14, 2021:

06/14/2021 Turkey (International Christian Concern) –  Turkey continues to increase its military involvement in the Middle East and Caucasus regions. Turkey […]


Assyrian Christian Activist Kidnapped and Released by Terrorist Group

June 11, 2021:

06/11/2021 Syria (International Christian Concern) –  Assyrian activist, Husam Alkass, was abducted and later released by the Kurdish Democratic Union Party […]


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The Broken Promise of 1,000 Miles

June 10, 2021:

Living 1,000 miles away from the violent Middle East promises a peace fueled by distance. But it’s now a promise that no longer stands.


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Syrian Mercenaries and Their Caucasus Deployment

May 17, 2021:

The Republic of Armenia’s court convicted Yusuf Alaabet al-Hajji and Mehrab Muhammad al-Shkheir, two Turkish backed Syria mercenaries, to life in prison for several crimes…


Assyrian Christians Seek Unity in Syria

May 01, 2021:

05/01/2021 Syria (International Christian Concern) –  Three Syriac Christian groups launched an initiative seeking to unify the Syriac and Assyrian national […]