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Finding Your Spiritual GPS

January 24, 2022:

Many years ago, while diving in Florida, I learned a lesson that I won’t soon forget about getting lost without a guide.


US-Led Coalition Enters Fifth Day Fighting ISIS in Syria Prison Attack

January 24, 2022:

01/24/2021 Syria (International Christian Concern) – Today, U.S. forces enter their fifth day of fighting ISIS insurgents amidst a prison […]


France and Sweden Join Forces to Prosecute ISIS Members for Crimes Against Yazidis and Christians

January 19, 2022:

01/19/2022 France (International Christian Concern) – France and Sweden have announced the decision to organize a joint investigation team to […]


Economic Strife the Largest Threat to Syrian Christians

January 14, 2022:

01/14/2022 Syria (International Christian Concern) – After more than a decade of strife and war in Syria, perhaps the largest threat […]


USCIRF Chair Condemns Turkish Airstrike in Northern Syria During Visit

January 12, 2022:

01/12/2022 Syria (International Christian Concern) – This week, Nadine Maenza, chair of the United States Commission on International Religious Freedom […]


Syriac Church Seeks to Revitalize Ancient Monastery and Community

January 10, 2022:

01/10/2022 Syria (International Christian Concern) – The Syrian-Catholic church and monastic community plan to revitalize and restore the ancient monastery of […]


Christian Clergy Exempt From Syria Travel Currency Restrictions

December 31, 2021:

12/31/2021 Syria (International Christian Concern) – Newly imposed currency travel restrictions for those entering Syria have been lifted for Christian clergy. […]


Syria’s IDPs Live Amidst Ancient Christian Sites

December 30, 2021:

12/30/2021 Syria (International Christian Concern) – The historic Christian ruins of Sarjableh and Babisqa are now home to some of Syria’s […]


Syrian Christians Endure as “a Heroic Family”

December 23, 2021:

12/23/2021 Syria (International Christian Concern) – Maronite Archbishop of Damascus, Samir Nassar, shared a Christmas message with Syrian Christians, commending them […]


New Report Confirms Islamic State Present But Weakened in Iraq, Syria

December 06, 2021:

12/06/2021 Iraq (International Christian Concern) – The newest quarterly Pentagon report on the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria noted that […]


Looming Turkish Offensive Threatens Syrians

November 15, 2021:

11/15/2021 Syria (International Christian Concern) – Syrians fear a looming new offensive by Turkey and its mercenaries in the northeast autonomous […]