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Bandaging and building the persecuted Church since 1995

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Adopting the Victims of Persecution

June 23, 2022:

Last August, there was an attack on a village in central Nigeria, leaving 11 people dead and many others injured.


Major Syrian Monastery Reopens Seeking Tourists

June 22, 2022:

06/22/2022 Syria (International Christian Concern) – After over a decade of war, a major monastery in the Syrian desert has […]


USCIRF Hearing Addresses the Lack of Religious Freedom in Syria

June 01, 2022:

06/01/2022 United States (International Christian Concern) — The U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF) held a virtual hearing on […]


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ISIS Victims Receive Bibles for the First Time

April 20, 2022:

Most people are aware of the persecution that Christians in Syria have faced in recent years in the wake of ISIS.


Syrian Greek Orthodox Priest Found Dead in Cathedral

April 11, 2022:

04/11/2022 Syria (International Christian Concern) – 65-year-old George Rafiq Housh, a Syrian priest, was found dead at a Greek Orthodox cathedral […]


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A Grocery Store Project Born in Family Tragedy

April 02, 2022:

When ICC first crossed paths with Khalid, one staff member observed, “He is so broken. He feels so much guilt, he can barely speak; he just looks down.”


Syrian Civil War Enters 12th Year

March 21, 2022:

03/21/2022 Syria (International Christian Concern) – On March 15, Syrians lamented the 11th anniversary of the start of the Syrian […]


Islamic State Names New Leader

March 15, 2022:

03/15/2022 Syria (International Christian Concern) – The Islamic State confirmed the death of its previous leader more than a month after […]


Syrian-Armenian Church Rebuilt After Islamic State Desecration

February 25, 2022:

02/25/2022 Syria (International Christian Concern) – A church previously utilized by the Islamic State in Raqqa, Syria has been restored to […]


Islamist Groups Entrenched in Syria

February 16, 2022:

02/16/2022 Syria (International Christian Concern) – Fundamental Islamist groups are still highly active and present in Syria as observed by the […]


Turkish Airstrikes Violate Religious Minorities and IS Combat Efforts

February 12, 2022:

02/12/2022 Turkey (International Christian Concern) – Turkish bombardment continued in early February targeting regions in Syria and Iraq that included refugee […]