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Orphaned By a Church Bombing: God’s Strange Plans

November 24, 2021:

Imagine sitting in church this Sunday when suddenly a bomb goes off. In an instant, countless lives are lost and the survivors’ lives are shattered.


Victims of Iran’s Article 500 Summoned to Serve Prison Sentences

November 16, 2021:

11/16/2021 Iran (International Christian Concern) – In a two-day span, five Iranian Christian converts were summoned to begin serving prison sentences. […]


Iran Celebrates Muslim Conversion While Condemning Christians

November 12, 2021:

11/12/2021 Iran (International Christian Concern) – Iranian Christians of Muslim backgrounds often face intense persecution following their conversion and even jail […]


Iran Manipulates Christian Converts With No Place to Worship

November 03, 2021:

11/03/2021 Iran (International Christian Concern) – Three Iranian Christian converts submitted a joint letter questioning how and where they can worship […]


Iranian Revolutionary Guard Complicates Christians’ Cases

October 30, 2021:

10/30/2021 Iran (International Christian Concern) – Five Iranian Christians were summoned to give a final defense on October 16 regarding their […]


Christian Converts in Iran Ask Government Where to Worship After Prison Sentence

October 29, 2021:

10/29/2021 Iran (International Christian Concern) – This week, Article18, a British nonprofit organization fighting for religious freedom in Iran, published […]


Iranian Proxies Lose in Iraq’s Elections, Threatening Violence

October 25, 2021:

10/25/2021 Iraq (International Christian Concern) – Following the preliminary results of Iraq’s October 10 parliamentary elections, Iranian proxies lost a significant […]


At Interfaith Conference, Iran Overlooks its Religious Freedom Violations

October 22, 2021:

10/22/2021 Iran (International Christian Concern) – At a recent interfaith conference held in Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan, Iran’s representative, Zahra Rashidbeigi, failed […]


PEW Report Ranks Middle East Highest Persecuted Region

October 10, 2021:

10/10/2021 Middle East (International Christian Concern) –  A new PEW research report indicates that on a global scale, government persecution is […]


Missing Iranian Christian Convert Released on Bail

October 06, 2021:

10/06/2021 Iran (International Christian Concern) –  After missing for one month, Iranian Christian convert Ayoub Poor-Rezazadeh was released on a bail […]


Iranian’s Disengage from Regime as Freedoms Restricted

October 01, 2021:

10/01/2021 Iran (International Christian Concern) –  Iran’s hardline Islamic government faces a growing divide between the regime and its people amidst […]