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Meeting the Needs of the Body: ICC’s COVID-19 Response

June 16, 2020:

06/16/2020 Washington D.C. (International Christian Concern) – Three months after COVID-19 pushed the United States and many other countries into lockdown,


Anti-Terror Act in Philippines Might Lead to Rights Abuse

July 06, 2020:

07/06/2020 Philippines (International Christian Concern) – On July 3, President Rodrigo Duterte signed the controversial anti-terrorism bill into law, which […]


Renewed Call for Justice for Murder of Filipino Priest

June 27, 2020:

06/27/2020 Philippines (International Christian Concern) – It has been two years since Catholic Bishop Nilo’s murder on June 10, 2018. […]


Philippine Priest Targeted for Helping Indigenous People

May 16, 2020:

05/16/2020 Philippines (International Christian Concern) – A Catholic priest has been targeted by the Philippine military for helping Lumads, the […]


Manila Court Issues Warrants to Arrest Two Priests

February 16, 2020:

02/16/2020 Philippines (International Christian Concern) – A court in Manila has issued warrants on Feb. 14 for the arrest of […]


Prosecutors Drop Sedition Charges Against Philippine Clergy

February 11, 2020:

02/11/2020 Philippines (International Christian Concern) – Philippine prosecutors from the Justice Department have exonerated four Catholic bishops charged with plotting […]


Bank Accounts of Rural Missionaries Frozen by the Philippine Government

February 10, 2020:

02/10/2020 Philippines (International Christian Concern) – The Philippine government has frozen the bank accounts of a church organization for “probable […]


Philippine Church Condemns Attack on Church Compound by Armed Men

February 02, 2020:

02/02/2020 Philippines (International Christian Concern) – A church shelter in Philippines’ Davao city was surrounded by knife-wielding men, before the […]


Police Foiled Church Bomb Plot in Southern Philippines

January 20, 2020:

01/20/2020 Philippines (International Christian Concern) – Two suspected Abu Sayyaf militants tasked with carrying out a bomb attack at a […]


Grenade Went Off Near Cathedral in Southern Philippines

December 23, 2019:

12/23/2019 Philippines (International Christian Concern) – A grenade was thrown into a military truck patrolling Cotabato City near the Immaculate […]


Philippine’s Christians Commit to Justice

November 17, 2019:

11/17/2019 Philippines (International Christian Concern) – Upon the conclusion of Basic Ecclesial Communities gathering, a community of Christians living in […]