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Locked in a Room: Part 1

April 07, 2020:

“Stay home for the Muslims!” It is a chant that has become a normal cadence in Egypt, where Christians joke that they hope the stay at home mandate includes them too, lest they are accused of infecting Muslims.


Syrian Conflict Takes Aim at Armenians

February 17, 2020:

02/17/2020 Syria (International Christian Concern) –  The Syrian Parliament recognized the massacre of Armenian Christians in 1915 as genocide on […]


ICC @ Heart
Weep with Those Who Weep

January 31, 2020:

When I first saw them walking along the beach, I knew it wasn’t for a day of play. But, I couldn’t have imag­ined what was to come.


Will Libya Reconcile?

January 21, 2020:

01/21/2020 Libya (International Christian Concern) – This past Sunday, the warring parties in Libya attended a reconciliation conference hosted in […]


Libya Announces Site of 21 Christian Martyrs

January 11, 2020:

01/11/2019 Libya (International Christian Concern) – Libya has announced the exact location where 21 Christians were martyred by ISIS on […]


Is Libya Refusing to Bury Christians?

June 29, 2019:

06/29/2019 Libya (International Christian Concern) –  An internal United Nations report leaked to the Irish Times alleges that the bodies […]


Libya Uses Christians as Political Tool in the Conflict

April 28, 2019:

04/28/2019 Libya (International Christian Concern) – On April 19th, the Libyan Council of Ministers adopted a resolution which recognized the […]


Libya’s Christian Minority Caught in Crossfire Between LNA and GNA

April 13, 2019:

04/13/2019 Libya (International Christian Concern) Libya has long waged attacks on civilians, committing mass crimes against humanity. The country has […]


Libya Unearths Mass Grave of Christians

December 27, 2018:

12/27/2018 Libya (International Christian Concern) – According to the Libyan Express, Libya’s Interior Ministry has located the remains of the […]


Featured Story
Families of 21 Coptic Martyrs Mark Three Year Anniversary Since Their Deaths

February 15, 2018:

Church of the Martyrs Commemorates Anniversary, Ready to Receive Remains 02/15/18 Washington D.C. (International Christian Concern) – As of today, […]


ISIS Militant Confesses to 2015 Massacre of Coptic Christians

December 08, 2017:

ICC Note: Libyan authorities have released a confessional video of one of the ISIS militants involved in the 2015 massacre […]