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Critical need to send
Scriptures to the frontlines!

Blocked, Banned, Burned:
The Most Dangerous Book
In the World!

Satan knows well that the Bible is the most dangerous book in the world. Everywhere it goes, it smuggles Jesus and His Spirit into the hearts of dead and dying humanity, and exposes Satan and his schemes. The Bible is, in fact, spiritual fertilizer. Everywhere it goes, life springs up.

In the West, we often take the Bible for granted, but I recently saw a video (below) of underground Chinese seminary students receiving their first Bible. When the boxes were opened, they all converged on the box to make sure they got their own copy. Each one then held their Bible, kissed it, and wept. They had finally received the book that gives life!

That’s why we fight those who are trying to strangle the Church around the world by banning, burning, or blocking the Bible.

Our Scripture Campaign

The problem is obvious; Satan is committed to silencing God’s Word. He does this through governments, cultures, and religions.

The solution should be just as obvious. Every persecuted Christian should have their own copy of God’s Word in a form they can use, regardless of age, economic status, or location.

That simple declaration defines our actions.

  • When governments block and restrict our brothers and sisters’ access to Bibles, we will smuggle physical or digital Bibles!
  • When persecuted believers can’t read, we will provide audio-Bibles!
  • When Satan’s agents destroy a Bible, we will replace it several times over!
  • When Christian children are deprived proper education or Christian literature, we provide kids’ Bibles and materials!

This coming quarter, we have an immediate need to raise $117,000 to:

  • Send tens of thousands of Bibles into Vietnam and North Korea
  • Double our radio broadcasts into North Korea
  • Equip thousands of Egyptian children with Arabic children’s Bibles

Can you please join us to bring life-giving Scripture to the most dangerous places in the world?

Jeff King
International Christian Concern

What do you do when…
governments deny Bibles?

We Smuggle Bibles

Governments often try to starve the Church by blocking or restricting God’s Word.

In those situations, ICC smuggles Bibles.

What do you do when…
your brothers and sisters can’t read?

We Give Digital Bibles

Just because a Bible is available, doesn’t mean it can be read. For some believers, illiteracy is a problem.

ICC provides digital Bibles so believers can access and share Scripture.

What do you do when…
Bibles are destroyed?

We Replace Bibles

Last year, nearly 1,000 Bibles were confiscated and publicly burned in India in a single incident! In response, ICC distributed 10,000 Bibles to that same region.

This year, we will send 80,000 Bibles to India.

Read about the incident here.

What do you do when…
governments say no to training children?

We Give Children’s Bibles

Governments try to defeat Christianity by restricting the discipling of children and materials available to them.

ICC provides Children’s Bibles and materials.

Critical need to send
Scriptures to the frontlines!

ICC Sends Bibles to Christian Learning Center in Indonesia

David* and his wife were called seven years ago by God to serve in Kolonodale in Central Sulawesi Province of Indonesia. The couple works tirelessly to preach the Gospel to children from the Ta’a Wana tribe at their learning center.

ICC Provides 60 Bibles to Rural Community in Indonesia

In the middle of 2021, Malaki Aritonang and his wife founded the ministry Garis Depan in the town of Gunang Tua, a rural village located about 10 hours away from the nearest large city in North Sumatra.

ICC Provides the Scripture to Believers in Indonesia

Even in the midst of the pandemic, many Indonesians heard about the good news and became followers of Isa Almasih (another name for Jesus Christ).

The Gospel Unchained: Part 3

On Monday, we told you about the underground missionaries who smuggled Bibles into Laos where the Bible is illegal.

The Gospel Unchained: Part 2

On Monday, you read how almost a million Christians across Southeast Asia have little access to the Bible.

The Gospel Unchained: Part 1

It’s pitch black in a sweltering truck. As it travels, you catch the smells of spices, hear the sounds of traffic, sirens, and people laughing.

Bringing the Lost to Life

Two weeks ago, we issued an urgent call, asking for your help in bringing the Gospel to those devastated by the COVID-19 lockdowns overseas.

Bringing the Gospel to the Frontlines of Persecution

If there’s one thing I’ve learned in persecution ministry, it’s this: wherever Satan is spreading death and destruction, God is right there…

The Predictable Pattern of Tragedy

Last week, you may have noticed that we launched an initiative to help spread the Gospel around the world.

From India to the Rest of the World!

In late 2018, International Christian Concern started its Bikes and Bibles campaign to greatly increase the effectiveness of church planters in India.