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7/10/2024 China (International Christian Concern) — In late June, Chinese authorities discussed placing major new restrictions on Christians and religion in general. The discussions, which occurred during two meetings, highlight how the Communist government is increasingly pressuring China’s vibrant underground church.  

China Christian Implementation of Strict Governance of Religion Exchange Meeting, June 27-28, Xi’an, Shaanxi 

With mostly leaders of the government-controlled Three-Self Patriotic Movement (TSPM) church in attendance, meeting organizers affirmed that China’s Communist Party needed to gain further control of Christianity in China. 

Officials reiterated that church leaders must make President Xi Jinping’s teachings on socialism and other communist teachings central to any preaching and sermons in Chinese churches. Communist officials urged TSPM church leaders to surrender more control over church affairs, including preaching. 

Sinicization of Religion Conference, June 26, Beijing 

During this conference with many high-level communist officials, keynote speaker Shi Taifeng, minister of the Central United Front Work Department, stated, “Sinicization of religion is the only way to actively guide religions to adapt to socialist society.” 

Sinicization then is where religion becomes subservient to Jinping’s teachings and communist ideology. In China, religions that do not undergo Sinicization are considered a threat to social harmony and progress. 

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