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6/25/2024 Kenya (International Christian Concern) — On the night of July 12, 2023, in the majority-Christian village of Juhudi in Kenya’s Lamu County, Maina Kariuki Githiga and his neighbors fell victim to a violent assault on their village.  

Forced to flee and hide as houses were set ablaze and livestock stolen, Maina narrowly escaped before al-Shabab assailants reached his home. 

Thankfully, Maina’s wife and children were at an internally displaced persons (IDP) camp during the attack and were left unharmed. However, two houses in Maina’s homestead were burned, leaving him and his family displaced permanently.  

This attack, following another just 18 days earlier, was done at the hands of the Somali-based Islamist al-Shabab group, an ally of al-Qaida. Through its frequent attacks, Al-Shabab has pushed for the Islamization of the Lamu region due to its proximity to Somalia. They target Christian men in the area, like Maina, because they are the key pillars of the community and leaders of faith in their homes.  

When an International Christian Concern (ICC) staffer met with Maina and heard his story, they understood that Maina and his family desperately needed help. Because of your generosity, ICC addressed the family’s immediate needs and provided a foundation for long-term recovery and self-sufficiency.

ICC was able to relocate Maina and his family from an IDP camp to a rented house. Maina said they can now “sleep well, eat well, and live without the fear of being attacked.” The family also received necessities, including beds and groceries.  

ICC also supplied Maina with a new motorbike, enabling him to start a small business and regain financial independence. Maina’s wife, a skilled tailor, also received funds to open a sewing shop, which will serve as another source of income for the family.  

“Today, we thank the Lord for how He has been taking care of us,” Maina said. “Thank you so much, ICC, for caring for us.”   

Author: JHB 

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