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6/13/2024 North Korea/South Korea (International Christian Concern) — Tensions between North Korea and South Korea have escalated as various inflammatory items have crossed the border recently.  

North Korea has sent more than 1,400 balloons filled with rubbish and manure into South Korea in retaliation for what North Korean officials call “anti-North Korean propaganda,” including leaflets and recordings of music and TV shows sent to the North through various means. The South Korean military has intercepted many of the balloons. 

Occasionally, Christian ministries have sent GPS-guided balloons carrying pages of Scripture into North Korea and smuggled Bibles across the border using other methods. 

In response to the manure and rubbish, South Korean officials resumed loudspeaker broadcasts at specific border areas. Subsequently, Kim Yo Jong, the sister of North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un, warned South Korea that these loudspeaker broadcasts, leaflets, and USB devices could soon provoke a “crisis of confrontation” between the two nations.  

Kim Yo Jong added that their manure and rubbish balloons were “sincere presents” sent to the “goblins of liberal democracy who are crying for the guarantee of freedom of expression.” North Korea and Kim Jong Un have stopped any official reunification efforts with South Korea. 

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