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6/11/2024 Uganda (International Christian Concern) — Twenty years into her Muslim marriage in Uganda, Nagudi Azida was forced to move back with her parents. Her husband had abused her and had started pursuing another woman. Her Muslim parents, however, forced her to return to her husband.

While moving back in with him, Azida encountered Christian preachers who discussed Jesus and shared the gospel. Fearing her husband’s anger, she hesitated to accept Christ.

However, in June of 2021, she put her trust in Jesus. She thought her life would dramatically improve, but she instead faced many trials. Six months later, Azida’s husband discovered her Christian faith and forced her and their young son to leave.

Even after Azida moved in with her sister, she still frequently received threats from both her husband and her parents. Her parents also threatened her sister.

In March 2023, Azida’s husband came to her sister’s house and told Azida that she was still his wife and that he may do whatever he wanted with her. He also told her that unless she converted back to Islam, she wouldn’t have peace.

When an International Christian Concern (ICC) staffer met with Azida and heard her story, she told the ICC staffer that she was earning money to provide for her son by digging holes and washing clothes. She told the ICC staffer that her dream was to have her own boutique where she could sell clothes and make a steady income to give her son a better life.

Because of your generosity, ICC helped Azida’s dream come true earlier this year. We provided her with a space to open a shop, clothes to sell, a cash register, and money to pay rent. Once her shop was set up, Azida expressed her gratitude with tears in her eyes.

“Thank you so much, ICC,” she said. “I am truly out of words, but I am so grateful. May the good Lord bless ICC. Thank you for changing my life.”

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