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6/10/2024 Indonesia (International Christian Concern) — After waiting patiently for five years, a Pentecostal church in Margodadi Village, Jati Agung District, South Lampung Regency, has finally received approval to build a place of worship.  

Local authorities first issued a building permit in 2019, but residents resisted the construction of a church building in their village.  

The Pentecostal congregation can now comfortably worship thanks to the decisive action of the South Lampung Regency Government, which approved the new construction permit on May 30.  

Sandi Roy Manatugo, chairman of the development of the Indonesian Pentecostal Church, expressed profound gratitude for the Regent of South Lampung H. Nanang Ermanto’s unwavering support for religious communities in South Lampung and for his instrumental role in issuing the permits for the church construction.  

“It has been five years since the church construction permit was issued,” Manatugo said. “And today, with the help and concern of the regent, Nanang Ermanto, the licensing was completed.” 

Meanwhile, Ermanto said he appreciated the synergy between the local government and the ranks of the police, the Ministry of Religion, and the South Lampung Religious Harmony Forum (FKUB), which had given special attention to resolving this problem.  

Ermanto asked the One-Stop Integrated Investment and Licensing Services Service (PMPPTSP) to issue a building construction permit (IMB) immediately. 

“IMB will be issued soon to avoid things that are not desirable,” Ermanto said.  

Responding to this, the head of the South Lampung PMPPTSP Service immediately followed up on issuing the permit letter. 

“All the conditions have been fulfilled, so there is no reason for us not to issue the permit,” said Rio Gismara, leader of the PMPPTSP Service. 

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