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6/7/2024 Malaysia (International Christian Concern) — The Global Human Rights Federation (GHRF), a Malaysian organization, has publicly criticized a controversial Muslim leader’s recent TikTok video detailing his religious conversion tactics for young Malaysians, including Christians.

The GHRF claims that Firdaus Wong Wai Hun’s social media posts are creating fear for Christians and non-Muslims because he is recommending that non-Muslim children and teenagers should be welcomed to Islam, but their conversion should not be public or registered with authorities.  

Wong’s video also shows ways young people who convert can practice Islam discreetly and keep their conversion secret from their parents. The reach of Wong’s teachings is significant, with more than 350,000 followers on Instagram and more than 100,000 on TikTok.  

The GHRF has called for both the Malaysian Education Ministry and Muslim authorities to investigate Wong’s tactics and teachings, stating these underhanded conversion tactics are a clear breach of Article 12 of the Malaysian Constitution, which protects religious rights and the rights of parents to determine their child’s religion.

About 64% of Malaysia’s population adheres to Islam, and about 10% are Christians. International Christian Concern (ICC) staff have been concerned for a long time about the religious conversion tactics and strategies used against Christians in Malaysia. 

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