Giving hope to persecuted Christians since 1995
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6/4/2024 Hong Kong (International Christian Concern) — After Chinese Communist Party officials canceled Hong Kong’s annual observation of the 1989 Tiananmen Square massacre in Victoria Park in 2019, Hong Kong residents struggled to find ways to mark the event’s anniversary.  

With today marking the 35th anniversary of the Tiananmen Square massacre, Christians in Hong Kong are observing the massacre in a quiet yet powerful way: With a simple prayer.  

Hundreds of Christians have co-signed an online prayer to mark the 35th anniversary of Tiananmen Square, as reported by ChinaAid and others. Written in Chinese, the prayer, titled “Amidst the silence, we hear tearful prayers; Watching through the long night, we see the light of grace,” had been translated into English.  

The prayer campaign’s authors hope to make the prayer into a paid newspaper ad to commemorate Tiananmen Square. The first of three stanzas shows the prayer campaign team’s desire to break the silence being imposed on them by Beijing: 

“The Trinity God who created heaven and earth, Abba, the ever-loving Father, please hear your children’s prayers, the ancient people of Israel. In the miserable days of captivity, Reminds me of the ruins of Jerusalem, In the cold eyes and ridicule of others. Tears flowed down every June. 

“We will all gather before the throne of the Lord to pray, Reminds me of the past in Beijing, The white jade steps in Tiananmen Square, Broken rocks and tiles on Chang’an Avenue, How much blood and passion of young lives flow, After 35 years of ups and downs, Suppression and intimidation of power, Still retaining the warmth and memory of history, Even if there are no stars tonight, there is no candlelight to light, Let us be in the great light of the amazing grace of the Lord, Light a candle deep in your soul, Continue their unfinished ambitions in the light and shadow prayers, Don’t lose, don’t forget, O Lord! Let us have light in our hearts.” 

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