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5/31/2024 Australia (International Christian Concern) A recent Australian Law Reform Commission report recommended changes to how independent faith-based schools should be run. The Australian Christian Schools Alliance called the report “a direct attack on faith and freedom of belief in Australia.” 

Some key recommendations include: 

  • Removing specific faith-based exemptions in the law for these faith-based schools.  
  • Making it illegal for schools to remove or expel LGBTQ+ staff or children because of their sexual orientation. 
  • Making it more difficult for faith-based schools to hire staff based on the faith of that prospective staff member. 

A coalition of 20 Christian, Jewish, and Muslim groups have sent a letter to Prime Minister Anthony Albanese strongly urging him to reject the report’s recommendations, stating that these proposed changes would “prevent the overwhelming majority of faith-based schools from preferring persons who share and authentically live out their faith” and potentially “extinguish their distinct and authentic character.” 

About one-third of Australian families have chosen independent or private schools over state or publicly funded schools for their children. This number has increased exponentially since the 1980s and is largely driven by Australian Christians establishing private Christian schools to maintain and build their children’s faith and education.  

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