Giving hope to persecuted Christians since 1995
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5/27/2024 USA (International Christian Concern) Every day at International Christian Concern, we engage with believers who face peril on all sides. Many have lost everything, yet cling courageously to Christ.
Last fall, ruthless Azerbaijani forces pushed hundreds of thousands of Christian Armenians out of Artsakh, the disputed enclave. Families fled back to Armenia to start new lives.
In Pakistan, radical mobs destroyed hundreds of Christian homes and churches.
And an already persecuted Christian community in southeast Turkey suffered a devastating earthquake near the Syrian border. It displaced more than 50,000 people.
With your help, we provided immediate aid for Christians in each of these crises. We loved people like Jesus calls us to do. Our staff and partners handed out blankets, set up tents, and prayed for the hurting in their Job-like trials.
Unexpected events can strain our resources. Our major funds such as Emergency Relief, Community Development, Education, and the Gospel, are earmarked for specific projects.
When disaster strikes, however, we often turn to our Where Most Needed Fund. It enables us to respond quickly as the Holy Spirit guides and directs. This fund supports all ministry areas — assistance, advocacy, and awareness, and can help fill critical gaps when other areas run low.
We are raising $65,000 this month to boost our Where Most Needed Fund, but time is quickly running out! This will help us continue to respond quickly to humanitarian needs. Please consider a monthly gift to this fund so that we can consistently serve persecuted Christians. 
What your gift may provide:
  • $50 for emergency food packages for a persecuted Christian for one month
  • $250 for necessary supplies, including blankets, clothing, and a tent
  • $1,200 for one month of support for a family escaping persecution
Until Jesus returns, there will always be work to be done. With your help, we will continue to come alongside our persecuted brothers and sisters in their time of greatest need.