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5/24/2024 India (International Christian Concern) A young Christian convert in Chhattisgarh, India, was killed by a mob led by his uncle and cousin on May 4. Kosa Kawasi, 22, and his wife converted to Christianity from Hinduism. Shortly after, the village tried to force the couple out of their home but was unsuccessful. This led to the mob, resulting in Kawasi’s uncle inflicting a lethal stab wound.  

Before the mob attack, the young couple was reportedly receiving death threats to frighten them into renouncing their newfound faith. Kawasi notified the authorities, hoping that there would be some sort of intervention.  

No such intervention occurred, however, and his death was labeled the result of a property dispute following the short investigation. The instigators were arrested, but so far, no charges have been made public. Kawasi’s uncle was motivated by religious hatred after his nephew refused to revert to Hinduism, witnesses say, and the property dispute claim is only partially true.  

“Christian tribals live in fear and insecurity even among their own families,” a local told AsiaNews. 

Being a convert to Christianity in India carries a certain amount of personal risk anywhere in the country, but perhaps nowhere is as dangerous as northern remote villages. India’s tumultuous election season has caused a considerable rise in persecution of the Christian minority community. 

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