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5/22/2024 Indonesia (International Christian Concern) — An angry neighbor broke up an evening prayer service at a house church in Cerme District, Gresik, East Java, on Wednesday, May 8.

The neighbor, Yayik Susilawati, angrily screamed as members of the Ascension of Jesus Christ church worshipped God. Susilawati’s husband and children were with her as she disrupted the service. 

“Stop, I said!” Susilawati reportedly yelled. “Don’t sing!”

Soon, members of the community intervened and stopped the disruption. The village’s leader later explained that the church had obtained permission to gather to worship. Susilawati, an administrative staff member at a local school, was suspended indefinitely for her efforts to stop the service.

Cerme Police Chief Iptu Andik Asworo assured the public that the matter had been resolved peacefully. The relevant parties promptly engaged in mediation the following evening and agreed to forgive and respect each other.

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