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05/13/2024 Middle East (International Christian Concern) – Rania was married to her husband Hassan, and they had two daughters. They were a Muslim family living a peaceful life until Rania decided to follow Jesus a few years ago. Since then, everything has changed.

Her husband divorced her and threatened to take away her children. She was forced to testify in court and denied her conversion to Christianity for fear that the verdict would be issued in favor of her husband. She won the case and retained custody of her children.

After court, Hassan became furious and chased her, threatening to kill her. She moved eight times to try to escape him. The children missed an entire year of school since they were on the run. With the help of her Christian brothers and sisters, she was able to enroll them in school.

When ICC heard of her story, we helped Rania by covering the rental fees for more than a year in a safe location.

“Finally, I feel like we have a family that cares about us,” she said. “Because of you, I will not have to worry about paying the rent for the coming months. Thank you very much. Please remember us in your prayers.”

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