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4/23/2024 Pakistan (International Christian Concern) — Almas, a Christian living in Gujranwala, uploaded a TikTok video of his father-in-law, Accad, a local pastor, and claimed the video showed the pastor blaspheming the Quran. The video shows Accad sitting and talking with other community members. Local ICC sources who know the Urdu language confirmed Accad said nothing blasphemous. 

Knowing his community could quickly turn on him for the alleged blasphemy, the pastor went to the police to get ahead of the potential situation. He told police that a family disagreement led to his son-in-law trying to get him in trouble. Authorities watched the video and found no evidence of blasphemy. They immediately arrested Almas, who later confessed that it was a false accusation just to tarnish his father-in-law. Authorities briefed the local District Peace Committee, and the situation is under control. 

Though authorities did not charge Accad with blasphemy, this instance shows how Muslims often use Pakistan’s blasphemy laws to target Christians. Christians are at constant risk of being falsely accused of blaspheming Muhammad or the Quran, and the consequences can turn violent and even deadly. 

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