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04/08/2024 Iraq (International Christian Concern) – Before ISIS invaded Qaraqosh in 2014, Najeeb was the proud owner of a tea shop. He would go to the shop early in the morning and spend his day there, enjoying life. But when ISIS came, they robbed people of their peaceful life, including Najeeb, his wife, and daughter. He was living displaced for years until he made the brave decision to return, knowing that everything he used to own was likely robbed and destroyed.

“For me, the shop is my life and my whole existence. I want you to help me make it a beautiful shop to welcome people,” Najeeb says. Adding “I heard that you help business owners in Qaraqosh to develop their shops. May God bless you,” Najeeb says.

ICC helped Najeeb with the funds to reopen his tea shop that was destroyed by ISIS.

“I used to feel defeated when I looked at the tea shop, which represents my entire life. I spent days with both sadness and joy looking at it, wondering if a day would come when I could improve it. That day has come, and the tea shop has become beautiful thanks to you,” he said. “I thank you from the bottom of my heart because you revived the dear Tea shop for me.”

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