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4/5/2024 Sudan/Kenya (International Christian Concern) – Reverend Ibrahim, a priest in the Anglican Church and dedicated husband and father of two, shared with International Christian Concern (ICC) how he fled persecution in Sudan.

Ibrahim faithfully served in Wad Madani state after being ordained in the Episcopal Church of Sudan. Everything changed in 2011 when Sudan’s President Omar al Bashir at the time declared the country an Islamic state, a move that led to the persecution of Christians.  

Authorities seized church properties, deported foreign missionaries, and detained pastors who spoke against the crackdown. Reverend Ibrahim, who had led many Muslims to Christ, sensed he was in danger and knew he could be arrested. He decided to flee the country. 

Now living in Kenya, Ibrahim spoke with ICC about the difficulties and changes he has faced in his new life. Despite the challenges, he continues his ministry passionately within the Kakuma refugee camp. Looking back on his escape from Sudan, the reverend talked about the education of his two children, Amira and Okot, who are currently in fifth grade and first grade, respectively. 

“At the border, under the excuse of pursuing education, I managed to enter Kenya in 2011, which is when conflict erupted in our home state,” he said. “Since then, I have been actively engaged in ministry in the Kakuma refugee Camp. My introduction to ICC occurred some years ago when I reached out to them. Their consistent assistance and support have been invaluable to me and many others during our challenging times.”

Amira also expressed her gratitude for ICC’s support in a personal letter: 

“Greetings to you in the name of Jesus Christ,
I am writing to express my heartfelt gratitude to ICC for their unwavering support over the past year, as well as their continued assistance this year. From your support last year, I was able to focus on my studies without any interruptions, I am hopeful for the same success this year. Without your intervention, I may not have been able to pursue my education. Throughout the past year, ICC has provided me with everything I needed — food, clothing, education, and a safe place to live. I am truly thankful to both God and ICC.  

Looking ahead, I aspire to pay it forward by supporting others in need once I complete my studies. I pray that God grants me the ability to achieve all my dreams so that I can advocate for the poor and voiceless. I am also thankful for IICC’s recognition of my academic efforts, as well as their prayers and words of encouragement. I sincerely hope and pray that ICC will continue to support both me and my brother (until) we complete our education. May God bless ICC abundantly for their generosity and compassion towards us and others in need. Thank you once again for your unwavering support.”

IIbrahim’s entire family joyfully expressed gratitude to ICC for helping cover their children’s school-related needs. The reverend’s wife was overwhelmed with thankfulness as an endless smile beamed from her face. 

*Names have been changed for security reasons

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