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3/28/2024 Kenya (International Christian Concern) On the evening of March 24, Ziwa la Taa village in Witu, Lamu County, was jolted by a devastating attack that left its residents in anguish.  

Al-Shabab militants set homes ablaze and caused widespread destruction. Amid the chaos, two Christian men lost their lives, and other people suffered severe injuries, plunging the community into turmoil once again. As night fell, the echoes of tragedy hung heavy in the air, a stark reminder of the constant threat lurking within their midst.  

The attack unfolded as farmers were winding down their day’s work, preparing to return home several miles away. 

“Gunfire rang out around 7 p.m.,” a local recalled. “I hurriedly sought refuge in a nearby water valley, narrowly escaping harm.”

Another resident also recounted the harrowing ordeal. “They ransacked my home, looting valuables and setting fire to my belongings,” she said. “I fled in terror as they ravaged our village.” 

The tragedy struck one family particularly hard. One man, a survivor of previous attacks, fell victim to the onslaught, along with a neighbor. Now a widow, the man’s wife painfully recalled the dreadful moments leading up to the attack, her heart heavy with dread as they searched for her missing husband. “At dawn, we set out in search of my husband,” she said, “only to find him lifeless, a victim of senseless violence.” 

In the aftermath of the attack, residents called for action, demanding increased security measures from the country’s Ministry of Interior to safeguard their community.  

“Many are considering leaving out of fear for their safety,” one concerned resident said. “Nightfall brings overwhelming anxiety, uncertain of where to seek refuge.” 

Another man echoed the sentiment, urging unity in the face of adversity. “We must stand together to ensure that this enemy will never have a chance again,” he said

Incidents involving militant groups have become distressingly common in the area, prompting residents to implore the government for lasting solutions to ensure their safety and restore peace to their lives. 

*Names have been withheld for security reasons

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