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A New Christian Convert’s Testimony of Persecution in Southeast Asia 

03/06/2024 Southeast Asia (International Christian Concern) I am Ramdan*, and I am a former Muslim turned Christian who lives in a city with an almost 100% Muslim population. I had a co-worker who was a Christian, and at the time, I was a Muslim. I used to tease him and say, “What is a human being worshiped for? He died on the cross.” 

Unknowingly, I suddenly became interested when I saw him praying and worshiping God. I felt a sense of comfort that I had never had. I told my friend I wanted to go with him to church to find out how Christians worship and the stories about Jesus. Is the story the same as the one told at the Islamic boarding school?  

After I studied the Bible and Koran, I finally decided to accept Jesus because it is written between the Bible and the Koran, “I am the straight path.” Finally, the family heard that I had been baptized. 

At that time, the family gathered to judge me. Because, at that time, I didn’t know much about Christ, so I answered as best I could. I was slapped and beaten, and finally, I was blocked from my family until now. The company fired me because I changed my faith. 

I remember a verse in the Bible: “If you want to follow Jesus, you must carry the cross.” I am fighting alone for my life and my wife. We are keeping my whereabouts a secret, considering that my family is still looking for me and wants to bring me back to Islam.  

From my MBB (Muslim-background believer) community, I was informed about International Christian Concern who could help me because, at this time, I was sick and in treatment and couldn’t work, so I asked for help to rent a house. 

Thanks to ICC, who helped me by providing funds to rent a house for one year. God bless you. 

* Name and location changed for security

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