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02/19/2024 Africa (International Christian Concern) – Eve, a mother of two children, was a staunch Muslim who accepted Jesus Christ. Her husband had more than three wives because of his faith. One day, evangelists showed up at Eve’s doorstep. At first, her husband didn’t notice her conversion because he had many wives and didn’t notice her different behavior.

But once he started to notice, he started to deny her food and other basic needs. He stopped giving school fees to her children and claimed that their mother should care for them because she had told them to be Christians.

“As time went by, my husband started attacking me at night and started beating me severely and told me to go away and that if I am not willing, he shall use the Islamic laws,” said Eve. “I could report to church and whenever he knew that I had gone to church, it would be an attack until the church rescued me through the efforts of the reverend.”

At the time ICC met her, she was staying with a Christian who is caring for her and her children. Her husband is looking for her, but her church is now protecting her. ICC helped pay for basic needs like food and shelter as well as set up a small business to generate income to support herself and kids.

“Who would wipe away my tears?” she said. “The Lord is so faithful. I thought that converting from Islam was the end of my success and prosperity but now I have seen God working. I give him glory forever and ever and may his name be glorified. I have received enough; a bed, mattress, blanket, and chairs, which not everyone can afford. I had not thought of having a personal business, but today, I am having one. I really thank ICC so much.”

She continued, “I really believe that Jesus is the father to the fatherless, and a husband to the widow. The food we received is going to sustain our lives. We shall not die of hunger.”

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