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02/12/2024 Uganda (International Christian Concern) – Elijah was originally a Christian man who married a Muslim woman in Uganda. They coexisted for years until he decided to convert to Islam.

As time passed, a group of church congregants visited him and expressed their love to him. They told him about the love that Christ has for his people and how Jesus is a peaceful Messiah. He then decided to come back to Christ and testified in church.

Elijah was left defenseless, his small business confiscated, and his children kept from him. He was traumatized by the radical Muslim members of his community. They attacked him and left him helpless. He doesn’t go in public for fear of being attacked, and he is under the care of his church at the moment.

In his time of need, ICC helped him with the funds to start his own small business, paid for his children’s education, and gave him other necessities like food and home supplies.

“Glory be to the Almighty God for the support I have received from International Christian Concern. I take this opportunity to thank everyone who took part in this project, as far as the prosperity of this project is concerned…I am out of words because this is not only a blessing, but a surprise,” said Elijah. “Since I was persecuted, I was hopeless, and I never through that I would see success. I could not understand who I was because I had been living a miserable life with no food, clothing, and school fees for children.”

“I thank ICC for paying for my tuition. I appreciate so much and may the Almighty God bless you. I am going to study without any challenges or stress because I know that everything is covered. I promise to yield good results by working hard,” said Elijah’s daughter.

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