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02/08/2024 Canada (International Christian Concern) – The Canadian House of Commons has unanimously condemned a government report that calls the Christian holidays of Christmas and Easter as examples of “systemic religious discrimination.” The report, published by the Canadian Human Rights Commission (CHRC), described the traditional Christian holy days as discriminatory, being that they are the only religious holidays recognized as government holidays in Canada.

The House of Commons passed a unanimous motion in response to the report, denouncing “all attempts to polarize events that have been part of Quebec and Canadian heritage for generations… [inviting] all Quebecers and Canadians to unite as we approach the Christmas season.”

When questioned by members of the House on the government’s opinion on Christmas, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau responded with, “I’m very pleased to stand up and try to answer a totally ridiculous question. Obviously, Christmas is not racist. This is a country of diversity. A country that celebrates not just our personal individual beliefs, but we share and celebrate the events of our neighbors, too.”

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