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01/23/2024 Nigeria (International Christian Concern) – A Nigerian organization in Plateau State called on the federal government to declare the Fulani militants a terrorist group. 

Barr. Solomon Dalyop, president of the Berom Youth Moulders Association, called out the Fulani militants who attacked Christians in the Middle Belt region.  

In a press statement to media in Jos, Dalyop said: “For the avoidance of doubt, here is what is established, and can be verified by all and sundry about the  Christmas-Eve massacre that occurred in 39 villages of Barkin Ladi, Bokkos, and Mangu LGAs (Local Government Area) (Local Government Area) Barkin Ladi: 19 people killed, 6 injured, 2851 displaced aside homes and other, valuables destroyed in 3 villages attacked). Bokkos: 187 killed, over 100 injured, over 15, 231 displaced from 31 villages were raided. c). Mangu: 52 killed, over 1900 displaced from 4 villages completely overran.

“Our singular prayer is for the government to halt Fulani militants from raiding our Hamlets and Villages, killing our people and displacing as well as disrupting our livelihoods. Their sponsors and networks within and outside Nigeria should be burst while the perpetrators and local accomplices are brought to justice.”

Dalyop urged the federal government to at once declare the Fulani militants a terrorist group.

Meanwhile, Plateau State Gov. Caleb Mutfwang recently said the attack by Fulani militants on Christmas Eve was not a farmer-herder clash but a genocide. He alleged that the attack was an act of terrorism to wipe out innocent people in his state.

Gov. Mutfwang said, “While it is true that we ended the year 2023 on a sad note because of the many precious lives we lost, including but not limited to over 400 between April and June 2023, as well as the over 160 in the recent Christmas genocide. These unprovoked and simultaneous attacks in different villages were premeditated and coordinated. These series of attacks on our people are a clear case of criminality, insurgency, and terrorism and must be seen and handed in that manner if we must succeed in halting this wanton destruction on lives and property.

“For the avoidance of doubt, it is a misrepresentation of facts to describe these needless and unprovoked attacks on our people as a destruction clash, as has always been the traditional narrative. Let us call a spade a spade; this is simple genocide! Let me use this medium again to commiserate with my dear Plateau people on these monumental killings, especially the affected communities and the families of the deceased.”