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01/12/2024 Southeast Asia (International Christian Concern) – The Taiwanese national election on January 13 will kickstart several other elections in the Southeast Asia region in 2024. Hundreds of millions of voters from Taiwan, South Korea, Indonesia, Cambodia, and Japan will enter the polling booths to decide the political direction of their nation. Issues like soaring inflation, high costs of living, high unemployment, and economic and military stability will dominate national discussions. 

But Christian persecution and religious freedoms are critical issues lurking in the background of these election campaigns and national discussions. These issues are likely to be overlooked and ignored by most contenders in these elections.  

However, they are highly important to peace, security, and prosperity in the region. For example, the shadowy influence and interference from communist China is adding pressure to the Taiwan election.  

Additionally, commentators have highlighted the connection some key presidential contenders in the Indonesian election race have to hardline and aggressive Islam in the biggest Muslim nation in the world. There have been ongoing challenges for Christians in Indonesia, particularly around securing places to have safe worship services and the arrest of those who oppose Islamic teaching. 

Even the proposed elections in South Korea, Cambodia, and Japan are being met with accusations of corruption and violence. International Christian Concern will continue to monitor the plight of these Christians in Southeast Asia to see if the waters of political change will bring more freedom and ability to live out their Christian faith. 

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