Giving hope to persecuted Christians since 1995
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01/12/2024 Pakistan (International Christian Concern) – Christians in Pakistan are often relegated to the most undesirable jobs, where they ae regularly degraded and abused.

The Christian workers have limited recourse against the government’s continuous discrimination against them. As workers in these fields are considered the lowest class of citizen, they have little hope of reaching anything higher in society.

After the mob violence in Jaranwala last summer, the plight of Christians in waste management jobs got more difficult, as they faced even worse persecution. During the last two or three months of the year, their paychecks were withheld through the Christmas season. This is not the first time they have experienced this kind of mistreatment and delay around the holidays, but this year the delays were longer than normal, causing many families to take out loans to pay their bills.

Human rights activists in the country have gotten involved, without much success. If government officials continue to ignore the experiences of the church in their country, it does not appear that there is much hope for change. Please continue to pray for believers in Pakistan, that them and their families would continue to trust in the Lord through their difficult experiences.