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12/15/2023 DRC (International Christian Concern) — Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni told the press that a defense effort in September resulted in the death of approximately 200 Allied Democratic Forces (ADF) rebels.  

The ADF is a rebel group affiliated with the Islamic State, who carry out attacks along the border of the DRC and Uganda.

The ADF has been active in the two countries since the mid-1990s and is responsible for the death of thousands. With both Uganda and the DRC boasting a population of over 80% Christian, the rebels have no shortage of targets upon which to reign down terror.  

Beginning in 2021, Uganda and the DRC began an initiative to drive out the rebels however, the effort has failed in so far as ending the attacks. United Nations peacekeeping troops have also begun departing from the DRC as the people of the country have not seen their efficacy and wish to use their own tactics and forces to oust the rebels.  

The DRC has had a noteworthy year, suffering more than 230 deaths of Christians as recorded by ICC, with an attack nearly every month. This steady stream of violence has been allowed to carry on for far too long and has only increased due to the presidential election scheduled to take place next week. Having recorded only one peaceful transition of power in the modern country’s history, the election presents an opportunity to show strength and stability.  

We pray for the upcoming election, the government’s work against militant groups such as the ADF, and for the lives of the persecuted. We praise God that he has not forgotten those who suffer greatly in the DRC and is willing to move mountains to demonstrate his love for them. We pray that the Christians would see this attack on the ADF rebel forces as a demonstration that they are not forgotten. 

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