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ICC Supports Evangelists in Zambia with a Bikes and Bibles Project 

12/13/2023 Zambia (International Christian Concern) —  A group of evangelists and pastors focusing on Muslim outreach now have motorbikes and Bibles to spread the good news more easily than ever throughout Zambia.  

“The advantage of having motorbikes is that it makes our teams move together and faster in spreading the good news to the people, even to the farthest villages in our districts.,” said Matthew, bishop of the local ministry. “The bikes, although given to team leaders, shall be used by our evangelists in specific areas so that we reach more people with the gospel. Therefore, on behalf of the six pastors who received the Bikes and Bibles, I say thank you very much, and may the Lord be with you and cause His face to shine upon you.”  

Matthew oversees more than 25 churches across Zambia. He is also a team leader of a group of evangelists engaged in Muslim outreach. Matthew came to ICC hoping we could help his team with motorbikes and Bibles to support their mission. ICC provided Matthew and his team six motorbikes and dozens of Bibles in July 2023.  

Today, the evangelists continue to lead people to Christ through the ministry of the Bikes and Bibles. Matthew’s team member, Pastor Liam, reported traveling over 335 kilometers in August to spread the word of God. He visited 75 houses and preached to 225 people. From that, 135 people received Jesus Christ as their savior.  

Pastor Liam expressed his gratitude for the project and the challenges he is facing today, saying, Now, I want to thank your ministry for partnering with me. I really appreciate this wonderful grace. Indeed, you have made my calling much easier. This bike is helping my family and the ministry at large. I have found it challenging to access fuel because my church is too small, and the village struggles to help their pastor. May the good Lord Jesus Christ continue to protect your ministry.”  

Zambia is a majority Christian nation, with Catholics and Protestants forming the largest number. However, the Islamic faith has rapidly expanded, with a large portion living in Lusaka. There are around 200,000 Muslim immigrants and a small majority indigenous Muslims living in Zambia today. With the increasing expansion of Islam, the church is concerned that the spread of Christianity could become static. Now more than ever, there is an increased need to mobilize evangelists throughout the country. 

If you are interested in supporting our Bikes and Bibles project in Zambia and helping Pastor Lloyd, along with the rest of the evangelists, have access to fuel, click here to donate.  

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