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12/12/2023 Indonesia (International Christian Concern) —  An Indonesian official called for regional governments to support Christians who are having difficulty carrying out Christmas services this year.  

The Minister for Human Development and Culture, Muhajir Effendy, wants to ensure that all religious communities have the right to carry out their worship in a safe manner. Muhadjir did not want a repeat of the Christmas season last year, where Christians and churches faced increased opposition in celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ.  

Many Christians in Indonesia experience difficulties in being able to meet to worship God and hold church gatherings. They often face intimidation, opposition, and other challenges as they try to meet for fellowship and worship. 

Christmas for Indonesian Christians, over the years, has been prone to violence, attacks, and other opposition. Muhadjir emphasized the obligation of the regional government to supply facilities for places of worship for Christians experiencing difficulties.  

The minister emphasized that he wants to prevent discrimination, saying, “Everyone must receive the same service; there must be no discrimination. If you cannot carry out your worship because of difficultires, there are no facilities, the government must provide them under the Ministry of Religion offices in each region.”  

With the upcoming national elections in February 2024, many Christians face ongoing injustices in meeting to worship corporately and building new schools or churches. This intolerance is increasing for Christians in Indonesia.  

Please pray that cases of intolerance do not spread in Indonesia and that the current and incoming government is more tolerant of religious freedoms and diversity in the country. Please join us in praying for a safe Christmas for Christians across Indonesia gathering to celebrate our Savior’s birth.  

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