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11/21/2023 Myanmar (International Christian Concern)The military dictatorship in Myanmar – the Tatmadaw – continues to face renewed military opposition from various ethnic minority groups that have joined pro-democracy forces. This is the biggest challenge to the Tatmadaw’s control of the country since they led a coup in 2021 against the democratically elected government led by Aung San Suu Kyi. This new wave of fighting is taking place across the country, particularly in Shan, Chin, Kayah, and Rakhine States.  

In recent days, some of the fighting in Kayah State was halted to allow UN and NGO aid workers to leave Myanmar. Some reports indicate that over 100 Tatmadaw outposts and 8,000 square kilometers of territory have been seized by this new alliance in North Myanmar. Numerous locals, especially those living near the Chinese, Indian, or Thai borders, have been displaced or crossed the border seeking help.  

Amid this new intense fighting, the Tatmadaw continues to target suffering Christians. ICC has received reports from locals that dozens of Christians have been attacked and killed at IDP camps. Also recently, Baptist Pastor Mang Kui (55) and his son Salai Lii Mang (25) were recently murdered while traveling to buy medicine for his wife. ICC recently reported on international pressure that is growing against the Tatmadaw with the recent war crimes complaint against them laid by Christians who survived a 2021 massacre in Chin State. We will continue to monitor this rapidly changing situation, pray for those affected, and engage with locals to get updates. 

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