Giving hope to persecuted Christians since 1995
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10/24/2023 Pakistan (International Christian Concern) — Last month, International Christian Concern (ICC) published a report on a Christian couple that was unjustly imprisoned and accused of blasphemy after their children allegedly tore and threw pages of the Quran from their rooftop.

The couple was released on bail this week – a rare occurrence in such cases where penalties are often life in prison, or even execution. The judge found there to be lack of evidence, and lack of merit to the accusations against them.

Their release on bail coincides with statements from the chairman of a senate committee in Pakistan, who said he was concerned that blasphemy laws were being misused to target religious minorities, and to resolve personal issues.

As a result of the violence recently seen in Jaranwala, and of many instances like the unjust imprisonment of the Christian couple, the committee will seek to ‘prevent such abuses and push for legislation to end the suffering of people accused of blasphemy.’

Christian communities across Pakistan, and internationally, view this as a huge victory not just for the church, but for human rights as well. It remains to be seen how effective these proposed changes will be, but many are hopeful this will lead to the positive resolution of additional blasphemy cases soon.

Reports from inside the Pakistani government show that about 200 believers are in prison on alleged blasphemy charges.