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10/25/2023 DRC (International Christian Concern) –  The Allied Democratic Forces (ADF), an Islamic extremist group affiliated with the Islamic State, killed 26 people in the northeastern portion of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) late on Monday night.  

The ADF killed 12 minors and 14 adults, most of whom were slaughtered with knives–a signature style of the terrorist group–on the outskirts of Oicha in Beni territory.  

Beni territory’s civil society representative, Darius Syaira, told reporters that tensions have been high in Oicha recently, with demonstrators setting fire to humanitarian vehicles preparing to distribute food. When asked why residents had attacked the trucks, one demonstrator said, “We don’t need humanitarian aid, but we do want security.” 

With very little security in the region, a decrease in faith in international organizations is on the rise. Many Congolese have voiced their desire for foreign agents of any kind to leave the country, saying the only way for the DRC to regain control of its territory is to do so in its own fashion.  

The ADF controls much of the northeastern DRC and has conducted several attacks in western Uganda since the 1990s. Originally an independent Islamic extremist group, the ADF officially affiliated itself with the Islamic State in 2019. 

Anticipating an incoming presidential election, many foreign actors are hesitant to withdraw from the country as there has been one documented peaceful transition of power in the country’s entire history. 

We pray for the violence in the DRC and Uganda to cease, increase stability, and guidance for both the people of the DRC as well as foreign actors. We praise God for His omniscient power and goodness, and we trust in His loving hand to fill this situation with His glory. 

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