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10/23/2023 Somalia (International Christian Concern) – The Islamic extremist group al-Shabab detonated a car bomb at a military facility on the outskirts of Mogadishu on Saturday, killing six people including four soldiers.

The terrorist group also sent a suicide bomber into the military facility of Elasha Biyaha in the Lower Shabelle region, injuring nine people, including five soldiers.

A security official told Voice of America media, “the soldiers fired on the incoming car but the windows were shielded with metal to deflect bullets, allowing it to hit the perimeter.”

Somalia has struggled against al-Shabab terrorists since the group’s inception in 2006. The presence of the Islamic extremists has caused severe instability in the country with several hundred attacks each year. Some of the most violent attacks occurred in the last ten years with the militants taking hold of the capital in 2015.

Recent counter terrorism efforts have resulted in “authorities shutting down four radio stations affiliated with the group and killing nearly 3,800 al-Shabab fighters during a military offensive in which federal forces reclaimed 1,000 kilometers (621 miles) of territory,” according to the Associated Press.

The Somali government has added hundreds of newly trained soldiers to beef up security around Mogadishu.