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10/16/2023 Washington D.C. (International Christian Concern) – Yousif, born into a troubled, impoverished, practicing Muslim family, embraced Islam early. Despite religious conflicts, he encountered Jesus often, causing confusion in his world. A decade later, plagued by a mysterious ailment, Yousif tried numerous Muslim healers without success. Despondent, he met a Christian friend who revealed Jesus as a Savior, not just a prophet.

Praying to Jesus, his despair lifted, healing him. He believed Jesus saved him, leading him to convert and share the gospel, preaching forgiveness, love, and salvation. He transformed into a sociable preacher, embracing Jesus’ teachings.

He went to a theology school for five years and returned to start a family and preach the gospel. Currently, Yousif shepherds dozens of groups on a volunteer basis and he pastors a house church network. But he has no means to make an income. He was recently fired from his job after his Muslim boss found out he was a Christian. His parents rejected him as they believe Islam is the superior religion.

Yousif is an experienced gardener and grows vegetables. Earlier this year, Yousif gained training on beekeeping. ICC provided Yousif with a beehive to begin his apiculture endeavor to care for his family and continue his ministry work.

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