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10/13/2023 India (International Christian Concern) — Pro-Hindu political leaders in Uttar Pradesh, India have been emboldened by upcoming state elections, resulting in increased attacks and imprisonments against Christians. 

Anti-conversion laws fuel the incidents. Believers are charged with forcing their neighbors to reject Hinduism and turn to Jesus — charges that often lead to years in prison. 

Since these laws were put into place at the end of 2020, nearly 400 believers have been charged and jailed. Each month, this number exponentially increases, with 50 added in September. The Indian government calls it the ‘Freedom of Religion Act,’ yet it is anything but free.  

Not surprising the morale of the Indian church is at an all-time low. Pastors have halted large gatherings, choosing instead to meet in smaller groups in member homes. Even then, Christians do not feel safe.  

Earlier this month, one of these home gatherings was invaded by radical Hindus. The home was looted and destroyed, leaving the believers wondering when they would be next in line for prison time.  

Please continue to pray for India, especially the states that are approaching elections. The climate is increasingly dangerous for followers of Christ, and it shows no signs of improvement.