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10/06/2023 Niger (International Christian Concern) – Hundreds of Jihadists attacked and killed seven Nigerien soldiers in the southwest region of Niger on Thursday, Sept. 28. Five others lost their lives in a traffic accident that occurred while trying to respond to the attack. 

Niger’s defense minister, Salifou Mody, said in a statement that a military unit had been “violently attacked by several hundred terrorists” in the town of Kandadji on Thursday, according to reports from France 24.  

The area where this attack took place has become an epicenter for jihadist violence. It is located in the Tillaberi region and is called the “three borders” zone where Niger, Burkina Faso, and Mali meet. The primary jihadist actors who conduct their activities there include al-Qaida and groups affiliated with the Islamic State. 

This attack comes as France prepares to leave Niger following the military coup which ousted the government in late July. The coup leaders claimed a right to overthrow the government due to the deteriorating conditions in the country and a severe lack of security. 

The French forces, which are preparing to leave, were an anti-terrorism task force. In response to their forced withdrawal from the country, French President Emmanuel Macron alleged that the new post-coup authorities “no longer want to fight against terrorism.” 

Despite their initial claims of restoring security for the Nigerien people, the NGO Acled has recorded that the number of deaths in jihadist attacks in Niger has only risen since the coup officials took power. Defense Minister Salifou Mody said, “A search and sweep operation is now under way in order to track down the enemy.” 

 We pray that stability would come to the people of Niger following this event and that God’s hand would be upon those committing violence against innocent people in Niger and the greater Sahel region. 


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