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10/02/2023 Armenia (International Christian Concern) – As ethnic Armenian Christians continue to pour into Armenia proper from Artsakh after Azerbaijan’s rapid take-over, support for the Armenian refugees is coming in from the large global Armenian diaspora. Armenian culture groups and relatives are signing up to be assigned to a refugee family as their “angel” and to help support the refugees for the next three months as 90,000 (around 80% of Artsakh’s previous Armenian population) have now made their way to Armenia.  

The self-autonomous Republic of Artsakh fell in 24 hours to Azerbaijan in their third and final conflict. Artsakh’s leaders have surrendered their armed resistance and have announced that the entity will cease to exist effective on Jan. 1, 2024. The enclave’s top leaders have been arrested by Azerbaijan, wanted on terrorism charges. Meanwhile, the vast majority of ethnic Armenians fear living under Azerbaijan and specifically fear ethnic cleansing and genocide after decades of mistrust between the sides as well as conflict and the nine-month blockade Azerbaijan imposed on the enclave this year.  

As Armenia struggles to accommodate such a large and rapid influx of Armenian refugees, millions of Armenians both in Armenia and in the global diaspora have generously responded to care for their Armenian brothers and sisters in these early days of the crisis. International Christians Concern is working to support the longer-term relief efforts of helping Armenian Christians being displaced from their homelands into Armenia.  

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