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09/28/2023 Indonesia (International Christian Concern) – On the morning of Sept. 16, approximately 50 people arrived at the Maranatha Chapel, which serves as the prayer house or chapel for the GBI Cinere Christian congregation in the Gandul area of Cinere, Depok City. The group created a disturbance with many shouting and pushing against the fence of the shophouse that functions as the church building. 

Fortunately, no congregational services were taking place at the Maranatha Chapel during this incident. After creating a disturbance by shouting and banging on the chapel gate, most of the disrupters eventually left the premises. 

This information was shared on an Instagram account on the same day. Following this unsettling event, some GBI Cinere congregants expressed concern about the prospect of future worship services at the chapel. 

As a response, the church decided to conduct online worship services the next day. Most of the attendees on that day were musicians, and the congregation jointly managed the streaming activities, as stated by GBI Cinere Chapel Pastor Didi S Natha. 

Pastor Natha also mentioned that GBI Cinere had initiated the permit application process two months earlier when they relocated their place of worship from Pangkalan Jati to Gandul Cinere. He reported that they had successfully fulfilled the requirements, which included obtaining 60 signatures and ID cards from residents to ensure the church’s legal status. 

Please join ICC in praying for justice for the GBI Cinere congregation as well as for increased levels of tolerance for Christians in Indonesia.  

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