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09/15/2023 Indonesia (International Christian Concern) – I’m Juhari and I am 70 years old. Growing up and into adulthood, I was a Muslim, making a living by working for my neighbors and selling wood for doors and windows. One day, I had an accident while delivering wood, and it fell on me. Fortunately, my neighbor Jusuf happened to pass by. He helped me clean up the fallen wood and joined me as I delivered it. After that, Jusuf started talking to me about Jesus. 

One night, I had a dream where someone in a white robe appeared and said, “What Jusuf told you was true; believe in me and follow me.” So, I decided to believe in Jesus and got baptized. I enjoy discussing Jesus with my neighbors and people I meet, but it has caused problems with my family. My wife stopped giving me food, and my children distanced themselves from me, wanting me to return to Islam and stop talking about Jesus. 

To support myself, I rely on the money I earn from delivering goods for people. When I’m short on funds, I go to Jusuf’s house to eat. I’m thankful that I discovered Jesus in my old age, and I’m determined to spend the rest of my life sharing the joy I’ve found with others. Despite the challenges, I’m not afraid, and I want others to experience the same happiness. 

International Christian Concern learned about my situation and provided me with money for daily meals. They also gave me capital to start a fish farming venture and a bicycle for delivering goods more efficiently.  

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